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Dormitory Policy


Students admitted to the Dormitory are obliged to conform to all rules and regulations of the Dormitory and to uphold the standards of general civilised behaviour.

Services, allowances and rights provided to the tenants of the Dormitory cannot be transferred to another person. The following rules are to be kept in accordance with the interests of the Dormitory community and general rules of the Dormitory:

  • Students admitted to the Dormitory are obliged to check in at Reception when moving in and check out when leaving.

  • Students are obliged to conform to all rules of the Contract and other Dormitory rules. Students will move into the rooms assigned to them by the Dormitory Staff. They take full responsibility of all the items in the rooms by signing the register of items upon checking-in and checking-out. Any item of personal property with a value of more than 50 000 HUF is to be recorded in the register of room accessories with a notation of the fact that it is not part of the Dormitory register of accessories. The Dormitory takes responsibility for jewellery, cash and stock with the value of not more than HUF 500 000 deposited in the safe at Reception, for a fee posted in the Dormitory.

  • Residents of the Dormitory rooms take full responsibility for all items (furniture, utensils) of the Dormitory. All damage has to be paid for by residents causing it.

  • All rooms are to be used according to their general function. It is forbidden to damage or put posters on walls furniture and doors. Advertisements and notices may be posted on the notice boards only.

  • Living quarters are to be kept clean by the student at all times. The Dormitory provides clean bed linen every two weeks, on a day posted in advance. The Dormitory uses this occasion to check the state the rooms are in and for possible damage as well.
    In case the student does not keep the room clean, the Dormitory Staff will give him/her a seven days’ notice and inform the representative of the university. A member of the Dormitory Staff and the representative of the University will again check the state of the room in seven days. If the room is not cleaned in another three days the Dormitory will have the cleaning done and charge the student with the costs. Cleaning costs are posted in the Dormitory.
    The Student is obliged to record all malfunction in the register at Reception and inform the Receptionist as well.

  • No pets are allowed in the Dormitory except for fish in a fishbowl. No bicycles are allowed in the building. Bicycle storage is provided in the basement of Dormitory III.

  • Silence is to be kept in the living quarters and common rooms of the Dormitory including corridors, balconies, and kitchens, from 11pm. to 7am, to ensure conditions of rest and study.

  • The use of the WI-FI router used by students, visitors and guests in the dormitory is strictly forbidden! (see in Section 4.3.4 of the University of Debrecen Informatics Code of Practice)

  • The main entrance of the Dormitory is open day and night. The Student should use the electronic entry system and identify himself/herself with any kind of picture ID if requested.

  • Guests may be received at the Dormitory from 8am. to 11 pm. Guests may only enter the Dormitory when the student receiving them is in the Dormitory, appears at Reception to receive them, or expresses his wish by telephone to receive his guest.
     Guests are obliged to present a picture ID to the Receptionist who will in return provide them with an electric entry card (guests without a picture ID can only stay at Reception). They will return the entry card when leaving and will have their ID returned to them. In case the electronic entry card is lost the guest or his host will be charged a replacement fee.
     Only residents or registered guests of the Dormitory are entitled to the use of Dormitory Services. To ensure order in the Dormitory Student residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests and for not exceeding visiting hours.
     If the guest refuses to leave the Dormitory after 11 pm he/she is charged a fee for „occupying the place of a resident not present” (see point (11)) regardless to whether he has made use of the services or not. If the guest refuses to pay, the student resident is made responsible for paying the fee. Frequent occasions of guests leaving after visiting hours may result in the expelling of the student.

  • Students may receive guests in their rooms after visiting hours for a special fee in the place of absent residents with a written consent of the other residents of the room.
    In special cases guests may stay in the room with the consent of the representative of the University ((teacher at the Dormitory, senior).
    Guests can stay at a residents place for not more than three consequent nights. The resident student takes full responsibility for the actions of his/her guest.

  • Smoking is forbidden in the Dormitory, it is only allowed at assigned places. The student is obliged to conform to all health and safety regulations. All expenses (eg. the fire brigade is alerted by the fire alarm) resulting from breach of these regulations are charged to the student and the breach of these regulations may result in the expulsion of the student from the Dormitory.

  • No furniture is allowed to be moved into the residence quarters from the common rooms.

  • The Dormitory Staff is responsible for the regular supervision of keeping the rules and regulations of the Dormitory. Action will be taken against those violating them or causing damage to property, which may involve a prohibition of the reception or accommodation of visitors.

  • Frequent breach of the Rules and Regulations may result in disciplinary proceedings against the student.

  • A representative of the Dormitory is obliged to reserve hours of appointment for visits by students.

  • The Dormitory community and staff bear shared responsibility for the observance of the above rules.

Rules and Regulations are valid as of 1st September, 2018

Dr. Csiszár, Imre Krizsán Tibor
Dormitory Director Operations Manager
DE Dormitories KLK Hotel Zrt.


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